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We love it when our music is reviewed by other musicians and music critics. Across the pond, Sam Liddicott, reviews “Desperate Measures” on his blog.

Here is a quote from his review:

Maybe it is one of music’s most tricky genres [Indie-Rock] — when it comes to being unique and stand-out- so it is good to see some U.S. acts injecting some passion and originality into the genre. The Slightlys have a little bit of Sunshine-Pop to their music which ensures proceedings are never too heavy-handed and foreboding.  The close kinship and tight musicianship results in music with catchiness and memorability.

Desperate Measures begins with a nice drum roll and kick that leads to a breezy guitar sound. Quite an urgent and catchy introduction, the song spares no time in getting off to the races. Eliciting the sound of sunshine and the open road, you find yourself captivated. Vibrating strings and punchy percussion mingle to build the mood and atmosphere brilliantly. An instant grab, the song gets you invested and interested. Mixing some Hard-Rock slam with something more Pop-infused, you wonder where the song will go next.

We would like to thank Sam for this review and look forward to seeing everyone at our shows in 2016!

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