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Brazilian Actress and Blogger, Bruna Jones, Interviews Lead Singer Finneas

Interview by Bruna Jones — Actress, Comedian, cinephile, writer, presenter, reporter, singer, model, teacher, Turismologa and Boba!


Bruna Jones — You are a musician and actor. How did you decide you wanted to develop your artistic side?

I love to perform, whether it’s acting or singing or dancing. I’m addicted to it. It felt like a need. Like, I needed to perform.

Bruna Jones — You recently were cast in the last season of “Glee”. What kind of importance do you believe that the program had?

I think it was a hugely influential groundbreaking important show in so many ways and I feel so lucky to have been a small part of that. I think in many ways, GLEE represents people that haven’t been shown on television before. It’s about the outsiders…the different kids and how incredibly special every single human being is. Individuality and being weird is what makes you who you are. GLEE encourages that and I love that.

Bruna Jones — What is your favorite scene that you were present on in “Glee”?

Filming the final scene of the show. I love that song and getting to meet all the amazing cast members that day was such an amazing experience. I felt so lucky to be a part of it.

Bruna Jones — You are in a band “The Slightlys”; how did you form it?

We actually met in a “Battle of the Bands” a couple of years ago. Both our bands lost at the time, but we instantly had a connection musically. We formed The Slightlys together a couple of years later and ended up winning that very same competition when we went back to compete.

Bruna Jones — The lyrics are written by whom?

I write all the music and lyrics and then we orchestrate the songs together. Orchestration means figuring out what we’re all playing on our instruments and where we should and shouldn’t play anything.


Bruna Jones — What are the main musical influences for you?

The Beatles, Rob Dickinson, and and Ke$ha mainly.

Bruna Jones — For disclosure works, singers rely on media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers, Internet …). To what extent do these vehicles influence your work as a singer?

I try to write songs that make people wanna dance and sing along. I love songs like that, so I just try to write them. I wanna right songs that everyone and their mom would like 🙂

Bruna Jones — What do you think of the current music scene?

I love how much music there is right now. I feel like there is something for everyone and I love that. It’s a great time to be an artist and a fan.

Bruna Jones — Have you been to Brazil? If not, would like to visit us?

I haven’t been yet, but I would LOVE to come!!!

Bruna Jones — What are your next plans for your career?

My band is recording and hopefully we’ll have some music out over the summer and then we’ll be touring and playing a lot of shows! We are excited about the future!

Bruna Jones — Could you leave a message for readers and Brazilian fans?

Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support and positivity. You’re all beautiful human beings and I love you.

Bruna Jones — How can we contact you and the band?

Contact the band at or visit our Facebook page or our website to stay up to date!

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